Frequently Asked Questions

Carter’s is one of America’s most popular children’s stores, having been around since 1865. Carter’s login, payment, and customer service policies are available for your convenience. When your favorite store offers a select credit card option to its eligible customers, you can make a better financial decision and save money.Carters-Credit-Card_ As part of our Carters’ Credit Card discussion, including registration, application, enrollment, credential reset, payments, rewards, etc., we have prepared a series of questions and answers for your convenience. For more information about Carter’s credit card, visit this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Carter Issue A Retailer Credit Card?

Yes, Carter has a loyalty card called Carters Credit Card. You can only purchase the card at Carter’s store.

What Is The Minimum Credit Score Required To Get a Carters Credit Card?

The best way to get a Carters credit card from Comenity Bank is by having a 700 or higher credit score Carters credit card from Comenity Bank.

What Rewards Can I Earn With The Carter’s CC?

If you use your Carters Credit card to make purchases, you will receive free shipping if approved daily. You’ll also earn double points for every dollar spent on your card and triple bonus points per day on particular days of your choice. Enjoy a birthday surprise by saving your child’s birthday. For every 150 points, you get ten dollars in rewards. Plus, get an overview of special offers and additional surprises with discounts and bonus points.

What Is The Return Policy For The Carters Credit Card?

Carter’s credit card return policy is that you may return any purchase made with the card within 90 days of the purchase date. However, you must have the original proof of purchase, and the item must be in its original condition.

How Do I Change My Address Information With Carter’s Credit Cards?

You can update your address information as follows: Log in to “My Account”; Go to Manage Addresses. Under Edit Current Addresses, click Add New Address and enter the new street, city/state.