Rewards And Features

There are two ways to shop at Carter’s: online and offline. This company offers many baby products such as clothes, shoes, socks, towels, toys, and school uniforms. For your convenience, Carter’s online store is where you can buy her goodies. There is a Carter credit card rewards program to make it fun and convenient for you.Carters-Credit-Card_ It enhances Carter’s loyalty program, Rewarding Moments, which has over 12 million active members. Carter credit card benefits include free shipping on all orders, double points, and cardholder-only events.

Rewards And Features Offered By Carters Credit Card

Earn Your Rewards

  • Whenever you spend a dollar on groceries, Carter rewards you with 1 point. The Comenity Carters Credit Card offers two points per dollar spent.
  • If Carter shoppers spend $1 on Carter products, they earn 2 points. Spend $1 on Comenity Carters and earn three points.


  • With 150 points, My Rewarding Moments members (non-members and cardholders) can earn $10.
  • Each child can only receive one surprise birthday gift per year.
  • Reach 100 points and receive a $10 reward certificate.
  • Refer Carter’s to friends and family and receive a $15 coupon when they sign up.
  • Cardholders can earn more points with Kidcycle. With the Carter Credit Card, cardholders receive 20% cash back when the card arrives and 25% when they make their first purchase.
  • Cardholders also benefit from three special bonus days per year. Carter’s mobile app also offers bonus points to cardholders.

Features Of Carters Credit Card

  • You can accumulate bonus points and massive points for Carter’s store with a credit card.
  • Are you aware that you can also create an online account that you can use to manage and track your points? This account monitors you and helps you make good use of your credit card. This account encourages your teamwork with a credit card.
  • Also, logging into an account is 100% secure under good internet conditions.
  • Enjoy 0% APR and no annual fees.
  • Keep earning while you keep shopping.